Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Dream of Nightmares

Monsters creep into my nightmares each night.
Dangerous beings,
 the creatures of fright.

They claw and they snap,
causing fear to the meek.

The most hideous sights,
 revealed in the night.
For the darkness embraces and envelops the plight.

The demons surround me,
their laughs they sound like a gun.
The people around me screaming danger and run.

I glance to the weaker,
all bloody and torn.
Then look to the monsters,
 so gloriously forlorn.

I take just a moment,
Which side should I choose?
The shallow and stricken?
Or the fierce with a bite?

I quickly decide,
my mind is made up,
my answer is chosen,
my fate has been sealed,

I choose darkness and mystery,
And leave light to the weak,
For who am I to stray with the meek?

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